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Open problemBounding the chromatic number of triangle-free graphs with fixed maximum degree Andrew King13 years 47 weeks ago
Open problemDoes every subcubic triangle-free graph have fractional chromatic number at most 14/5? Andrew King111 years 6 weeks ago
Open problemThe Borodin-Kostochka Conjecture Andrew King011 years 31 weeks ago
Open problemCycle double cover conjecture mdevos312 years 10 weeks ago
Open problemThe Berge-Fulkerson conjecture mdevos912 years 20 weeks ago
Open problemObstacle number of planar graphs Andrew King012 years 20 weeks ago
Open problemCovering powers of cycles with equivalence subgraphs Andrew King012 years 40 weeks ago
Open problemHitting every large maximal clique with a stable set Andrew King013 years 2 weeks ago
Open problemExponentially many perfect matchings in cubic graphs mdevos213 years 17 weeks ago
Open problemStrong colorability berger514 years 21 weeks ago