Good Edge Labelings

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on: June 30th, 2011
Question   What is the maximum edge density of a graph which has a good edge labeling?

We say that a graph is good-edge-labeling critical, if it has no good edge labeling, but every proper subgraph has a good edge labeling.

Conjecture   For every $ c<4 $, there is only a finite number of good-edge-labeling critical graphs with average degree less than $ c $.

Let $ G $ be a finite undirected simple graph. A good edge labeling of $ G $ is an assignment of distinct numbers to the edges such that every cycle has at least two local maxima. (The distinctness of the labels is required only to make the term `local maximum' unambiguous.)

Equivalently, a labeling of the edges is good, if for every pair of distinct vertices $ u,v $, there is at most one increasing path from $ u $ to $ v $.

Having a good edge labeling is inherited by subgraphs.

It is easy to verify that the graphs $ K_3 $ and $ K_{2,3} $ have no good edge labeling. In [ACGH2] an infinite class of graphs without good edge labelings is given, none of whom is a subgraph of the other. In [BFT] contains an example of a minimal graph without good edge labeling which as average degree < 3 (thus refuting an earlier conjecture saying that a good-edge-labeling critical graph with average degree less than three is either $ K_3 $ or $ K_{2,3} $). In that same paper it is shown that every such graph must have girth at most 4.

Good edge labeling of graphs was introduced in [BCP] in the context of the so-called Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA) problem. The problems above are proposed in [ACGH1] and [ACGH2]. There the algorithmic problem of determining whether a graph has a good edge labeling is shown to be NP-hard. Moreover, the authors also prove that every planar graph with girth at least six has a good edge labeling.


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[ACGH1] J. Araújo, N. Cohen, F. Giroire, F. Havet. Good edge-labelling of graphs. (English summary) LAGOS'09—V Latin-American Algorithms, Graphs and Optimization Symposium, 275–280, Electron. Notes Discrete Math., 35, Elsevier Sci. B. V., Amsterdam, 2009. MathSciNet

[ACGH2*] J. Araujo, N. Cohen, F. Giroire, and F. Havet. Good edge-labelling of graphs. Research Report 6934, INRIA, 2009.

[BFT] M. Bode, B. Farzad, D.O. Theis. Good edge-labelings and graphs of girth at least 5. (arXiv:1109.1125)

* indicates original appearance(s) of problem.

First question (almost) solved

Mehrabian, Mitsche, and Pralat showed that any $ n $-vertex graph with a good edge-labelling has at most $ n \log_2 n $ edges, and that for each $ n $ there is an $ n $-vertex graphs with a good edge-labelling having $ n \log_2 n - O(n) $ edges.

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