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Posted by: Jon Noel
on: April 11th, 2013
Solved by: H. A. Kierstead, A. Salmon and R. Wang

\begin{question} What is the choice number of $K_{4*k}$ for general $k$? \end{question}

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For positive integers $m$ and $k$, let $K_{m*k}$ be the complete $k$-partite graph in which every part has size $m$. For the definition of the choice number (list chromatic number) see the \Def[Wikipedia page]{List_coloring}.

Determining the choice number of $K_{m*k}$ seems to be a natural first step to obtaining a general bound on the choice number of graphs on a bounded number of vertices.

An old result of Erdos, Rubin and Taylor [ERT80] is that the choice number of $K_{2*k}$ is $k$. Ohba [Ohb02] conjectured a generalization of this result which was proved by Noel, Reed and Wu [NRW12] (also see [Noe13]): \emph{if $|V(G)|\leq 2\chi(G)+1$, then the choice number of $G$ is $\chi(G)$.}

Kierstead [Kier00] proved that the choice number of $K_{3*k}$ is exactly $\left\lceil\frac{4k-1}{3}\right\rceil$. The upper bound was generalized by Noel, West, Wu and Zhu [NWWZ13] to the following: \emph{if $|V(G)|\leq 3\chi(G)$, then the choice number of $G$ is at most $\left\lceil\frac{4\chi(G)-1}{3}\right\rceil$.}

More generally, Noel et al. [NWWZ13] proved that, for any graph $G$, the choice number of $G$ is at most $\left\lceil\frac{|V(G)|+\chi(G)-1}{3}\right\rceil$ (also see [Noe13]). This implies the following:

\begin{theorem}[Noel et al. 2013] The choice number of $K_{4*k}$ is at most $\left\lceil\frac{5k-1}{3}\right\rceil$. \end{theorem}

A lower bound on the choice number of $K_{4*k}$ is given by Yang [Yan03]:

\begin{theorem}[Yang 2003] The choice number of $K_{4*k}$ is at least $\left\lfloor\frac{3k}{2}\right\rfloor$. \end{theorem}

The problem was recently solved by Kierstead, Salmon and Wang [KSW14]. They proved that, surprisingly, the lower bound $\left\lfloor\frac{3k}{2}\right\rfloor$ is tight for all $k$.

\begin{theorem}[Kierstead, Salmon and Wang 2014] The choice number of $K_{4*k}$ is equal to $\left\lceil\frac{3k-1}{2}\right\rceil$. \end{theorem}

Naturally, we wonder whether this result can be generalised to all graphs on at most $\chi(G)$ vertices. See \href[this]{} posting as well.

\begin{question} Is it true that if $|V(G)|\leq 4\chi(G)$, then $\text{ch}(G)\leq \left\lceil\frac{3\chi(G)-1}{2}\right\rceil$? \end{question}


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