Number of Cliques in Minor-Closed Classes

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Author(s): Wood, David R.
Subject: Graph Theory
Keywords: clique
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Posted by: David Wood
on: October 12th, 2009

\begin{question} Is there a constant $c$ such that every $n$-vertex $K_t$-minor-free graph has at most $c^tn$ cliques? \end{question}

Here a \emph{clique} is a (not neccessarily maximal) set of pairwise adjacent vertices in a graph.

See [RW, NSTW] for early bounds on the number of cliques. Wood [W] proved that the number of cliques in an $n$-vertex $K_t$-minor-free graph is at most $c^{t\sqrt{\log t}}n\enspace.$ Fomin et al. [FOT] improved this bound to $c^{t\log\log t}n\enspace.$

These results are based on the fact that every $n$-vertex $K_t$-minor-free graph has at most $ct\sqrt{\log t}n$ edges. This bound is tight for certain random graphs. So it is reasonable to expect that random graphs might also provide good lower bounds on the number of cliques.

Update 2014: Choongbum Lee and Sang-il Oum [LO] recently answered this question in the affirmative, and even proved it for excluded subdivisions. In particular, they proved that every $n$-vertex graph with no $K_t$-subdivision has at most $2^{474t}n$ cliques and also at most $2^{14t+o(t)}n$ cliques.

The question now is to determine the minimum constant. Wood [W] proved a lower bound of $3^{2t/3-o(t)}n$ using an appropriate sized complete graph minus a perfect matching. The same graph gives a lower bound of $3^{s-o(s)}n$ on the number of cliques in a graph with no $K_s$ subdivision.


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