List Total Colouring Conjecture

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Posted by: Jon Noel
on: August 29th, 2013

\begin{conjecture} If $G$ is the total graph of a multigraph, then $\chi_\ell(G)=\chi(G)$. \end{conjecture}

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The \emph{list chromatic number} of a graph $G$, denoted $\chi_\ell(G)$, is defined \Def[here]{List coloring}. Given a multigraph $H$, the \emph{total graph} $T(H)$ of $H$ is a graph on vertex set $V(T(H)):=V(H)\cup E(H)$ where \begin{itemize} \item two elements of $V(H)$ are adjacent in $T(H)$ if and only if they are adjacent in $H$; \item two elements of $E(H)$ are adjacent in $T(H)$ if and only if they share an endpoint; \item an element of $V(H)$ is adjacent to an element of $E(H)$ in $T(H)$ if it is incident with it. \end{itemize}

This problem is related to the List (Edge) Colouring Conjecture as well as the Total Colouring Conjecture.

Kostochka and Woodall [KW] conjectured that $\chi_\ell(G^2)=\chi(G^2)$ for every graph $G$; this was known as the List Square Colouring Conjecture. It is stronger than the List Total Colouring Conjecture since, given a multigraph $H$, the total graph of $H$ can be obtained by subdividing each edge of $H$ and taking the square. Moreover, the graph obtained from $H$ by subdividing each edge is bipartite and one part of the bipartition consists of vertices of degree $2$. Thus, the List Total Colouring Conjecture corresponds to this (very) special case of the List Square Colouring Conjecture.

However, the List Square Colouring Conjecture is not true in general. For a family of counterexamples, see the paper of Kim and Park [KP].


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* indicates original appearance(s) of problem.