Goldbach conjecture

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Author(s): Goldbach, Christian
Keywords: additive basis
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Posted by: Benschop
on: November 20th, 2007
Conjecture   Every even integer greater than 2 is the sum of two primes.

This famous conjecture is one of the oldest unsolved problems in mathematics. It arose originally out of a correspondence (1742) between Goldbach and Euler. See Wikipedia's Goldbach's conjecture for more.

Weak conjecture now solved

Note that Harald Helfgott has proved the ternary version of Goldbach's conjecture, that every odd number greater than 7 is the sum of three odd primes. See (minor arc estimates) and (major arc estimates).

Goldbach conjecture

Those interested in a suggestion for a proof via semigroup theory and carry extension, see: "Additive structure of Z(.) mod [\prod first k primes], with carry extension to prime pair sums". - (10 pgs, submitted for publication)

Goldbach conjecture

In addition to the above link to the paper with Goldbach-Conj. proof, the abstract and links to an intro-article are at

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