Minimal graphs with a prescribed number of spanning trees

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on: April 22nd, 2012

\begin{conjecture} Let $n \geq 3$ be an integer and let $\alpha(n)$ denote the least integer $k$ such that there exists a simple graph on $k$ vertices having precisely $n$ spanning trees. Then $ \alpha(n) = o(\log{n}).$ \end{conjecture}

% You may use many features of TeX, such as % arbitrary math (between $...$ and $$...$$) % \begin{theorem}...\end{theorem} environment, also works for question, problem, conjecture, ... % % Our special features: % Links to wikipedia: \Def {mathematics} or \Def[coloring]{Graph_coloring} % General web links: \href [The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences]{} Observe that $\alpha(n)$ is well defined for $n \geq 3$ since $C_n$ has $n$ spanning trees.

The function was introduced by Sedlacek \cite{S} who has shown that for large enough $n$ $\alpha(n) \leq \frac{n+6}{3} \mbox{if } n \equiv 0 \pmod{3}$ and $\alpha(n) \leq \frac{n+4}{3} \mbox{if } n \equiv 2 \pmod{3}.$

Using the fact that almost all positive integers $n$ are expressible as $n = ab+ac+bc$ for integers $0 < a < b < c$ it can be shown \cite{A} that for large enough $n$

$ \alpha(n) \leq \frac{n+4}{3} \mbox{if } n \equiv 2 \pmod{3} $ and $\alpha(n) \leq \frac{n+9}{4} $ otherwise.

Moreover, the only fixed points of $\alpha$ are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13 and 22.

The conjecture is motivated by the following graph (ploted for a very small sample of vertices)


The conjecture \cite{C} is justifiable for highly composite numbers $n$ since in this case one can construct the graph obtained after taking cycles $C_{p_1}, \ldots,C_{p_k}$ for every odd prime factor $p_i$ of $n$.


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[A] J. Azarija, R. Skrekovski, Euler's idoneal numbers and an inequality concerning minimal graphs with a prescribed number of spanning trees, IMFM preprints 49 (2011) \href[Link to paper]{}

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