Lonely runner conjecture

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Subject: Number Theory
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Posted by: mdevos
on: June 24th, 2007

\begin{conjecture} Suppose $k$ runners having distinct constant speeds start at a common point and run laps on a circular track with circumference 1. Then for any given runner, there is a time at which that runner is distance at least $\frac{1}{k}$ (along the track) away from every other runner. \end{conjecture}

This conjecture was independently introduced in two very different contexts. Wills [W] introduced it as a problem in diophantine approximation, and Cusick [C1] discovered it as a geometric view obstruction problem. The poetic name is due to Goddyn.

There are a number of different proofs of this conjecture for small values of $k$ (as a warning, there are different formulations of this conjecture, and what appears here as the problem for $k$ runners is sometimes considered to be the problem for $k-1$ runners). The cases with $k \le 3$ runners are easy to check. The $k=4$ case was proved independently by Betke and Wills [BW] and by Cusick. The $k=5$ case was first established by Cusick and Pomerance [CP] with the help of some computer checking, and this argument was later simplified by Bienia et al. [BGGS] who also found applications of this theorem to the study of flows on graphs. The $k=6$ case was first proved by Bohman et al. [BHK] and this was later simplified by Renault [R]. Recently, the $k=7$ case was proved by Barajas and Serra [BS].


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* indicates original appearance(s) of problem.