Half-integral flow polynomial values

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Author(s): Mohar, Bojan
Keywords: nowhere-zero flow
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Posted by: mohar
on: May 31st, 2007

Let $\Phi(G,x)$ be the flow polynomial of a graph $G$. So for every positive integer $k$, the value $\Phi(G,k)$ equals the number of \Def[nowhere-zero]{nowhere-zero flows} $k$-flows in $G$.

\begin{conjecture} $\Phi(G,5.5) > 0$ for every 2-edge-connected graph $G$. \end{conjecture}

By Seymour's 6-flow theorem, $\Phi(G,k) > 0$ for every 2-edge-connected graph $G$ and every integer $k\ge6$.

It would be interesting to find any non-integer rational number $x>5$ so that $\Phi(G,x) > 0$ for every 2-edge-connected graph $G$. It is known that zeros of flow polynomials are dense in the complex plane.


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