Frankl's union-closed sets conjecture

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Author(s): Frankl, Peter
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Posted by: tchow
on: September 25th, 2008
Conjecture   Let $ F $ be a finite family of finite sets, not all empty, that is closed under taking unions. Then there exists $ x $ such that $ x $ is an element of at least half the members of $ F $.

This conjecture is notoriously difficult, even though (or should we say `because'?) it involves almost no mathematical structure whatsoever. It was posed by Frankl in the late 1970's. The recent paper of Morris [M] provides a good illustration of the kind of partial results known: Morris extends earlier work to show that the conjecture holds for families containing three 3-subsets of a 5-set, four 3-subsets of a 6-set, or eight 4-subsets of a 6-set. In a different direction, Czédli [C] has proved the conjecture in the case when $ |F| \ge 2^n - 2^{n/2} $ where $ n = |\bigcup F| \ge 3 $.


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Frankl's conjecture

For mor einformation and many references see also West's account in:


Does anyone know if there is any linear bound known instead of 1/2?

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