Every prism over a 3-connected planar graph is hamiltonian.

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on: March 11th, 2013

\begin{conjecture} If $G$ is a $3$-connected planar graph, then $G\square K_2$ has a Hamilton cycle. \end{conjecture}

The \Def[Cartesian product]{Cartesian product of graphs} $G\square K_2$ is called the \emph{prism over} $G$.

Rosenfeld and Barnette [RB] showed that the Four-Colour Theorem implies that cubic planar 3-connected graphs have hamiltonian prisms. Fleischner [F] found a proof avoiding the use of the Four Colour Theorem. Eventually, Paulraja [P] showed that planarity is inessential here : The prism over any 3-connected cubic graph has a Hamilton cycle.

Clearly, if $G$ is hamiltonian, then $G\square K_2$ is also hamiltonian. A classical theorem of Tutte [T] states that all 4-connected planar graphs are hamiltonian. There are well-known examples of non-hamiltonian 3-connected planar graphs.

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