Day 4 (Dec 15)

I enabled the "taxonomy browser" module and was rather underimpressed. It created a new link called "category browser" on the main navigation menu. When you click on it, you more or less get a full search. I can't see much point in this.

Day 3 (Dec 11)

1) Matt did make drutex to work: the trouble was that user WWW does(did?) not have latex on PATH

2) installed

dba - direct database access (includes possibility to periodic update - DO IT ONCE!)

3) there seem to be 2 ways to achieve new node-type
flexinode - easier, older, more stable, but cannot cooperate with Views!
CCK - not as stable, but (is told to have) better architecture

PLAN: What do we need Views for? Is there any replacement of this functionality? How did others achieve this

Tinkering begins (Dec 8)

1) We did add a few modules, and plan for more.
Directory convention:
/Users/dm/Sites/ - modules to be installed
/Users/dm/Sites/ - modules that we did intall

and, most importantly (but not decided upon by us):
/Users/dm/Sites/ - place to install (= copy) modules to

Modules installed:
biblio - does import BibTeX !!!
nice_menus - diff. style of menus
flexinode - possibility to make new node-types!!! (works almost perfectly)
- we can make a node OP to have various fields (Author, Area, ...)

Start of the site (Dec 7)

Dominic did set everything up, seemingly with no problems.
What we don't know:
- how to connect drupal to sql database
- how to approach the database directly

What we can:
- login and see all the files directly. Good!