RSS feeds

What is this?
RSS is a standardized file format which is output by numerous websites including many news sites, weblogs, and the Garden. Programs called readers pick up these RSS feeds and display them.
What's the point?
If there are many websites you are interested in getting information from, a reader can pick up the new information from all of them and display it for you, thus saving you the hassle of navigating everywhere to check for updates.
How do you use them?
Simply choose a reader (for instance Google Reader) and then subscribe to the feeds you want to read.
How do you subscribe to a feed?
The icon indicates a page which you can subscribe too. If your browser is appropriately configured, clicking on this icon will subscribe you. Otherwise, you may tell your reader to subscribe by giving it either the url of the page (this works for Google Reader), or the url of the icon (usually the url of the page followed by "/feed").
Garden RSS feeds
Here you can subscribe to all, or just part of our site. To get all new problems, subscribe to the homepage. To subscribe to just the problems from a given subject or author, just subscribe to the page for that subject or author.