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Author(s): Ailon, Nir
Alon, Noga
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Posted by: fhavet
on: March 15th, 2013
Question   Is there a polynomial time approximation scheme for the feedback arc set problem for the class of tournaments?

A tournament is an orientation of a complete graph. A feedback arc set is a set of arcs in a digraph whose removal leave the digraph acyclic. The feedback arc set problem consists in finding a feedback arc set of minimum size. A polynomial time approximation scheme is an algorithm which takes an instance of an optimization problem and a parameter $ \epsilon > 0 $ and, in polynomial time, produces a solution that is within a factor $ 1+\epsilon $ of being optimal.

The feedback arc set problem has been proved NP-hard. See [ACM, A, CTY, C]. It was shown in [RS] that the feedback arc set problem is fixed parameter tractable for tournaments.


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