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Author(s): Melnikov, L. S.
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on: March 3rd, 2013
Problem   The valency-variety $ w(G) $ of a graph $ G $ is the number of different degrees in $ G $. Is the chromatic number of any graph $ G $ with at least two vertices greater than $$\ceil{ \frac{\floor{w(G)/2}}{|V(G)| - w(G)} } ~ ?$$

According to Jensen and Toft [JT, p. 90], the problem is due to Melnikov and was mentioned by Vizing [V] and Zykov [Z]. According to Zykov [Z], Melnikov showed that the suggested lower bound would be best possible.

A best possible upper bound on the chromatic number in terms of $ |V(G)| $ and $ w(G) $ is $ |V(G)| - \floor{ w(G) / 2 } $ as proved by Nettleton [N] and Dirac [D].


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