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Author(s): Thomassen, Carsten
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on: March 2nd, 2013
Conjecture   There exists an integer $ k $ such that every $ k $-arc-strong digraph $ D $ with specified vertices $ u $ and $ v $ contains an out-branching rooted at $ u $ and an in-branching rooted at $ v $ which are arc-disjoint.

Thomassen [T] showed that, given a digraph $ D $ and two vertices $ u $ and $ v $, deciding whether there are an out-branching rooted at $ u $ and an in-branching rooted at $ v $ which are arc-disjoint is NP-complete.

In contrast, one can decide in polynomial time whether there are $ k $ arc-disjoint out-branchings with specified roots $ s_1, \dots , s_k $ (some of which may be identical). This is a consequence of Edmonds’ well known branching theorem [E] states that a digraph $ D $ has $ k $ arc-disjoint out-branchings rooted at some fixed vertex $ s $ if and only if there are $ k $ arc-disjoint paths from $ s $ to every other vertex of $ D $.

Bang-Jensen [B] proved this conjecture for tournaments.

A similar question can be asked about arc-disjoint strongly connected spanning subdigraphs. Several related problems are mentioned in the survey of Bang-Jensen and Kriesell [BK].


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* indicates original appearance(s) of problem.


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