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Which outer reloids are equal to inner onesPorton✭✭0porton
Which homology 3-spheres bound homology 4-balls?Ancient/folklore✭✭✭✭0rybu
Which compact boundaryless 3-manifolds embed smoothly in the 4-sphere?Kirby✭✭✭0rybu
What is the homotopy type of the group of diffeomorphisms of the 4-sphere?Smale✭✭✭✭0rybu
What are hyperfuncoids isomorphic to?Porton✭✭0porton
Upgrading a completary multifuncoidPorton✭✭0porton
Unsolvability of word problem for 2-knot complementsGordon✭✭✭0rybu
The 4x5 chessboard complex is the complement of a link, which link? David Eppstein✭✭0rybu
Strict inequalities for products of filtersPorton0porton
Sticky Cantor sets✭✭0porton
Smooth 4-dimensional Schoenflies problemAlexander✭✭✭✭0rybu
Smooth 4-dimensional Poincare conjecturePoincare; Smale; Stallings✭✭✭✭0rybu
Slice-ribbon problemFox✭✭✭✭0rybu
Several ways to apply a (multivalued) multiargument function to a family of filtersPorton✭✭✭0porton
S(S(f)) = S(f) for reloidsPorton✭✭0porton
Realisation problem for the space of knots in the 3-sphereBudney✭✭0rybu
Rank vs. GenusJohnson✭✭✭0Jesse Johnson
Outward reloid of composition vs composition of outward reloidsPorton✭✭0porton
Outer reloid of restricted funcoidPorton✭✭0porton
Nonseparating planar continuum✭✭0porton
Is there an algorithm to determine if a triangulated 4-manifold is combinatorially equivalent to the 4-sphere?Novikov✭✭✭0rybu
Inscribed Square ProblemToeplitz✭✭0dlh12
Infinite distributivity of meet over join for a principal funcoidPorton✭✭0porton
Hilbert-Smith conjectureDavid Hilbert; Paul A. Smith✭✭0porton
Graph product of multifuncoidsPorton✭✭0porton
Generalized path-connectedness in proximity spacesPorton✭✭0porton
Fundamental group torsion for subsets of Euclidean 3-spaceAncient/folklore✭✭0rybu
Funcoidal products inside an inward reloidPorton✭✭0porton
Every metamonovalued reloid is monovaluedPorton✭✭0porton
Every metamonovalued funcoid is monovaluedPorton✭✭0porton
Direct proof of a theorem about compact funcoidsPorton✭✭0porton
Decomposition of completions of reloidsPorton✭✭0porton
Closing Lemma for Diffeomorphism (Dynamical Systems)Charles Pugh✭✭✭✭0Jailton Viana
Atomicity of the poset of multifuncoidsPorton✭✭0porton
Atomicity of the poset of completary multifuncoidsPorton✭✭0porton
Another conjecture about reloids and funcoidsPorton✭✭0porton
A funcoid related to directed topological spacesPorton✭✭0porton
A diagram about funcoids and reloidsPorton✭✭0porton
A conjecture about direct product of funcoidsPorton✭✭0porton
Jacob Palis Conjecture(Finitude of Attractors)(Dynamical Systems)✭✭✭✭0Jailton Viana
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