1) niceurl requires change in .htaccess (globally: allow local changes, locally: something like files/change_in.htaccess, basically allow rewrite rules)

2) drutex: math images are somewhat lower than they should be! (maybe use: img.tex { vertical-align: bottom } ??)

(3) CCK/? : checkbox doesn't work right! (acc. for undergraduates) SOLVED -- for some reason, it uses the label of 1 for label for the field, and does 'view' wrongly -- but this is easy to solve in contemplate)

4) biblio/filter does not work (possibly error in some script)!

5) where should OP-template.css go? (temporarily it is imported to base.css for the theme B7)

6) bibtex entries could be only added from an administer->settings->biblio !!!

7) I don't understand the difference between OP and OP-test in terms of bibliography: for OP-test, $field_bibliography[1]['view'] is just the title, for OP, it is the link to the paper. The latter is favorable, I just would prefer to know, how it happened ... (and possibly mod it even further, at some point: Author, Title, Where-published, ...)

(8) The homepage is wrong for anonymous user!

-- SOLVED (hmm, by uninstalling cac-lite module, as I didn't know what to do with it, and how to configure it -- this was causing this problem as well as a repeated message "cac_lite module was ... not configured)