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Perfect 2-error-correcting codes over arbitrary finite alphabets.✭✭0Codesdavidcullen
Aharoni-Berger conjectureAharoni; Berger✭✭✭0Matroid Theorymdevos
Roller Coaster permutationsAhmed; Snevily✭✭✭0Tanbir Ahmed
The Alon-Tarsi basis conjectureAlon; Linial; Meshulam✭✭0Matricesmdevos
Even vs. odd latin squaresAlon; Tarsi✭✭✭0mdevos
Beneš ConjectureBeneš✭✭✭0Vadim Lioubimov
Shuffle-Exchange ConjectureBeneš; Folklore; Stone✭✭✭0Vadim Lioubimov
The large sets conjectureBrown; Graham; Landman✭✭✭0Ramsey Theoryvjungic
Wide partition conjectureChow; Taylor✭✭0tchow
Rainbow AP(4) in an almost equinumerous coloringConlon✭✭0vjungic
Dividing up the unrestricted partitionsDavid S.; Newman✭✭0DavidSNewman
Monotone 4-term Arithmetic ProgressionsDavis; Entringer; Graham; Simmons✭✭0vjungic
Ding's tau_r vs. tau conjectureDing✭✭✭0Optimizationmdevos
Diagonal Ramsey numbersErdos✭✭✭✭0Ramsey Theorymdevos
Turán Problem for $10$-Cycles in the HypercubeErdos✭✭0Jon Noel
Sequence defined on multisetsErickson✭✭1Martin Erickson
Square achievement game on an n x n gridErickson✭✭1Martin Erickson
Transversal achievement game on a square gridErickson✭✭1Martin Erickson
Long rainbow arithmetic progressionsFox; Jungic; Mahdian; Nesetril; Radoicic✭✭0vjungic
Length of surreal productGonshor1Lukáš Lánský
Combinatorial covering designsGordon; Mills; Rödl; Schönheim0DesignsPseudonym
A nowhere-zero point in a linear mappingJaeger✭✭✭0Matricesmdevos
The additive basis conjectureJaeger; Linial; Payan; Tarsi✭✭✭0Matricesmdevos
The permanent conjectureKahn✭✭0Matricesmdevos
The Double Cap ConjectureKalai✭✭0Jon Noel
Concavity of van der Waerden numbersLandman✭✭0Ramsey TheoryBruce Landman
2-accessibility of primesLandman; Robertson✭✭0vjungic
3-accessibility of Fibonacci numbersLandman; Robertson✭✭0vjungic
Extremal $4$-Neighbour Bootstrap Percolation in the HypercubeMorrison; Noel✭✭0Jon Noel
Saturated $k$-Sperner Systems of Minimum SizeMorrison; Noel; Scott✭✭1PosetsJon Noel
Saturation in the HypercubeMorrison; Noel; Scott✭✭0Jon Noel
Edge-antipodal colorings of cubesNorine✭✭0Ramsey Theorymdevos
Equality in a matroidal circumference boundOxley; Royle✭✭0Matroid TheoryGordon Royle
Rota's unimodal conjectureRota✭✭✭0Matroid Theorymdevos
Bases of many weightsSchrijver; Seymour✭✭✭0Matroid Theorymdevos
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